Cultivating Calm

through nature and nurture

A warm and gentle welcome to my home on the web. Give yourself a moment to land, then make yourself comfortable and take a look around. Let me know if you need anything.

About Me

My Vision

I believe that we are all wonderful and more-than-good-enough, each with our own unique and valuable gifts to offer to our communities and the world. Sadly most of us carry wounds and ways of being, both inherited and from our own experiences, that inhibit our ability to recognise and live this authentically. I am passionate about harnessing the innate healing power of our bodies and the natural world we are part of. Gently reclaiming a sense of safety, belonging and vitality.

My Offerings

Cultivating Calm

Gentle support to feel more at peace in your body and to find tools that enable you to spread this through your life.

The Peace of the Wild

The wild world we are part of is such a wonderful resource for bring greater peace into our lives. With the same intention as a Cultivating Calm session we also weave in lots of practices that support connection to the deep peace of the wild.

Regenerative Living blog

Inspiration and favourite solutions from my personal journey of exploring what living regeneratively means to me and how it all contributes to cultivating more calm.


What People Say

Never have I been guided through my bodily sensations in that way. I have found it to be extremely useful, and feel that you provided me with a space in which I can now return to, for grounding and clarity.

Rose Riedel O’Brien of Wild Rose Weaving

Join the Community

Join the community to hear stories of how things are going, new offerings that are emerging and opportunities to connect with others seeking the peace of the wild. I intend to be in touch about once a month.

Tales from the blog…

  • Getting women into nature podcast
    Last month I had the pleasure of joining my friend’s Leanne and Sarah N on their Women’s Mass Debate podcast. We were also joined by the lovely Sarah R and had a great chat about the topic of getting women into nature – the benefits, barriers and some lovely inspirations for activities.
  • The blessing of the Cold
    It’s amazing the creativity you can catch when your mind is quiet enough to hear it. This poem flowed nearly fully formed as I lay in bed on the first properly cold morning last December.
  • A love letter to you
    I’m grateful to you dear one. Yes you, the one reading this. Because if you are reading this then I have a thread of connection to you. We have connected somehow in our shared humanity of breathing, perceiving, feeling. If you’ve found your way to these words then they are meant for you.
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